Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome Home Grandma!

If you follow our farm page on Facebook, then you know that Grandma suffered a nasty fall last Saturday while grocery shopping with my mother. We were pretty scared there for awhile when the doctor said she had multiple fractures in her right leg and left arm and would require surgery before the night was over.

Thank goodness it wasn't quite as bad as the x-rays first showed, but she did end up being transferred to a larger hospital located an hour away for several days and having two operations during those ensuing days (One was basically exploratory to check the damage done to her knee and to clean out an inch deep wound on her leg, and the other was to repair the damage done to her arm).

So, here we are almost a week later and Grandma was finally able to come home yesterday. And here she is enjoying a home cooked meal today:

Of course, we're old hats at tending to patients around here. Between Grandad, Grandma, my mom, my father, my two little cousins that we raised for several years, and the farm animals, I should have earned a medical degree by now all on my own lol. 

She'll have the cast on for the next 6 weeks, and in the mean time, home health is coming out to the house two days a week (a nurse, a physical therapist, and an aide). Before long, she'll back to spoiling her babies (Grandma considers all of the chicks we hatch out to be her babies lol). 

And of course, before I go, a big thank you to everyone for your well wishes and prayers :)

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